Your application got rejected ?

1454777992_education_school-20Rejection is awful, especially if it is from your choice of university, however, it does not mean you will end up at one that is not fitting. We have some great advice on what you should do next.

If you have had, your heart set on going to one of the best universities and been rejected accept that other offer. A brochure can only provide you with so much information. If they have an open day coming up, book yourself a place ahead and get the real feeling of the university regarding accommodation, the campus, the courses, and location.

Speak to students about their personal experience related to the university and check some of the profiles of students on the Uni blog. Think of the positives and not only the negatives they have on offer. They may have extra-curricular activities and work experience opportunities offered with modern facilities.

The Benefit to You

  • The university may surprise you and you may end up with students who match with your academics and interests,
  • If you meet the offer there is no need of going through another tedious application process,

The not so good

  • Do not simply settle for courses – do your research and if you have attended the open day and still not convinced then it may not be for you,

Apply for a different course

If you have received a decline, you have the choice of choosing a different course or completely different subject area. The majority universities do not provide feedback as to why they rejected you, and you may need to consider why they did reject you when applying for a certain course. Try to search for more options using social media and search engines. There are always choices that are not being discovered by students according to CEO of WMG.

If you only applied to competitive courses and unsuccessful apply for a course, you may be successful in. Think of the wider options, look at other courses, and may succeed when applying. However, remember once you are declined and make an extra choice you will not be able to change your mind later. So make sure you consider your decision carefully.

The only problem is that you will have to go through the application process again and you can only make one choice at a time.

Find an adjustment course

If you find that you do great in the exams and exceed the conditions of any offer you have received, you can apply for an alternative course. This you may even be able to do at the university you are keen on as some have adjustment systems available that kicks off after you have received your results.

However, do not rely completely on this option, but keep it in mind. You will still need to make a choice with the one you are happy with from the offers received. This is best in case you do not get those higher grades. Take the major selection quiz and find out what’s the right major for you.

Benefits to you

  • Whether you find a course to study elsewhere or through the adjustment offer, you will still have your place in your course of choice

The not so great:

  • Compared to clearing adjustment vacancy lists do not show up and you will have to contact the admissions office directly at the university,
  • This is not a guarantee as there may not be any vacancies open in the course you are interested in and the likeliness that the in-demand coursed will have places is unlikely

You can always reapply the following year

If you cannot find anything suitable in the application cycle and think, you can boost your grades for a stronger application, it may be worth to reapply the following year. Taking a year out gives you a chance to build your work experience or even your skills.

If you are applying for a medical course, this could be helpful. Moreover, if you can retake your exams to better your grades go for it. There are many universities happy to accept retake grades while others do tend to judge those applications from the previous year’s grades.

In addition, as the majority of universities do not provide reasons as to why they rejected you, it is difficult for you to know where you need to do better the next time round.


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